Discussing Interfacing with nation states, UX as utility for people and Inherent risks of validating with Tyler Schmidt

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Tyler Schmidt Co-Founder and business lead at Strangelove , a software development lab and network validator that builds and invests in innovative crypto projects.

Stranglove Labs Actively builds infrastucture and products alongside the companies and technologies they invest in, while also providing Validation Services and even Capital investment in startups and early stage companies who are building DeFi products.

We spoke to Tyler about Strangelove and:
  • Crypto portfolios for kids
  • In order to make wise decisions, you need security
  • Psychology of investment and business
  • Responsibility's of projects to stakeholders
  • Broken promises in legacy economic systems
  • Responsible start-up practices
  • Derisking a business
  • Inherent risks and difficulties of validating
  • Regulatory challenges around operating a web3 business in the US
  • Doubling down on security
  • The need for fiat
  • Building a better financial future
  • Regulatory compliance
  • The need to interface with nation states
  • Seamless interfacing with nation states
  • Automated distributed ledger technology for compliance
  • Going the full pirate route as a business option
  • Decentralization and the freedom of choice
  • Why is UX so important?
  • UX as utility for people
  • The economic concept of utility
  • Direct correlation between UX and adoption
  • A good tech does not make a good product.
  • You can hide sub-par tech behind good user experience
  • Bringing the good from Web 2 into Web 3
  • The strengthening of the Crypto thesis
  • Diversified risk
  • Personal Freedom
  • Happiness achieved through excellence and virtue
  • Strangelove wallet project
  • Cosmos competition with EVM chains
  • Network effects are king for adoption
  • Areas for Keplr to improve
  • Creativity is past experience and new information

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