Death Spirals, Bridging Digital Nations and Corruption with Alexei Zamyatin

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Alexei Zamyatin, Co-Founder of Interlay, a modular, programmable layer between Bitcoin and the multi-chain ecosystem that unlocks novel decentralized use cases for BTC.

Interlay utilizes an already operational, decentralized bridge to connect Bitcoin with a lending protocol and AMM decentralized exchange, enabling Bitcoin holders to access basic financial services without relying on centralized exchanges

We spoke to Alexei about Interlay and:
  • Payment channels
  • Who pays the price for decentralization?
  • The perfect storm leading to a death spiral
  • Death Spirals
  • How do we build trustless bridges?
  • Economic interests and tribalism
  • Economic vs statistical security
  • Profits at the expense of the good of the people
  • Centralized power corrupts
  • Does full decentralization exist?
  • One coin to rule them all
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Early cross chain communication
  • Domain name squatting
  • Weak links in centralized systems
  • Should I build, just because I can?
  • Hostile governance attacks.
  • Academia and research as a launch pad for a successful project
  • Academia vs field work
  • The need for Altruism in web3
  • Solving a problem is a good place to start
  • Thesis topics as a gateway to Bitcoin
  • Risks of relying on bridges
  • Failures of bridges wiping out entire ecosystems
  • The importance of community in decentralization
  • Ethical questions around building
  • Ethical implications of breakthroughs
  • Differences between native and wrapped tokens
  • Diminishing trust in institutions
  • The future of bridging
  • Computer Science as a way to be a creative
  • Analysis and effects of merge mining

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