Privacy, Silk and Encryption with Carter Woetzel

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Carter Woetzel, Lead researcher & economist for Shade Protocol, an app for private DeFi.

Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network - all accruing value back to SHD ("shade"), the treasury, and governance token.

We spoke to Carter Woetzel about Shade Protocol and:
  • Carter's book, "Building Confidence in Blockchain"
  • Privacy on the blockchain
  • Bringing privacy to smart contracts
  • Auditability, for regulators
  • How do we get people to trust blockchain
  • How trust in the technology is crucial for adoption by users and financial institutions
  • Simplifying or solving the gas token
  • Futuristic currencies
  • Non traditional stable coins
  • Sustainability in protocol development
  • Blockchain at the moment is an experiment
  • Privacy issues with Intel
  • Our perception of time in blockchain
  • Homeomorphic Encryption as a solution to encryption
  • Why removing the middlemen is always in our best interest
  • Motivation

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