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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Jonathan Caras, working for Levana Protocol, a multichain collatiralized trading platform.

Levana protocol has a fully-collateralized model, which provides users with an easier and safer access to leverage trading rewards and benefits.

We spoke to Jonathan about Levana protocol, and:
  • Portugal as a crypto hub
  • How can we define Cosmos for the masses
  • The impressive history of Jonathan, Rabbi trained, professional magician, computer science phenom
  • The history and attraction of Bitcoin
  • Stablecoins and what they should be pegged to be truly decentralized
  • The rise and fall of empires (USA, FTX, Terra)
  • Levana and dragons on Mars
  • The history of the Shekel
  • How hyperinflation will birth a new stablecoin standard
  • NFT’s help to create friendships through shared interest like sports
  • What will final stage adoption look like
  • A bleak dystopian future is we do not wrest control of money away from government
  • Motivations and goals
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