The Heart of a Project, Bare Metal and Rugs with Jacob Gadikan

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Jacob from Notional. Jacob gives a detailed history of the founding of Notional and his journey in web3. He highlights and gives respect and praise to the various people in his team and builder's in the space that have impressed him during this time.

Notional Labs, founded in 2021 by Jacob Gadikian, a former member of the Tendermint team, initially focused on relaying and validating the Osmosis network. The company expanded as Jacob recruited students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology to work on a technical issue he discovered. Operating from a small apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam, with Ricardo Ferreira and Khanh Nguyen, the team realized that on-site computers were more efficient for relaying and validating than centralized servers like AWS. This led to the creation of Notional Labs.

This inteview gives some insight into the public good that Notional and Jacob have done and have aimed to do.

We spoke to Jacob Gadikian about Notional and:
  • The heart of a project
  • Values
  • Building in the bug of Totalitarianism
  • Is the Veto in governance voting a hindrance to true consensus
  • Advice to small validators
  • There is no consensus except social consensus.
  • Origins of Notional
  • When the poopoo is too strong to continue work
  • Bare Metal
  • The Powers of Kang
  • The importance of reliable power for validating
  • Validator challenges
  • Blockchains versus Databases
  • Cosmos Archaeology
  • How to avoid Rugs

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