Democrats, Historical Content and Community with Phoebe Poon

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About this Episode

This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Phoebe Poon, Co founder at Likecoin. A decentralized publishing protocol, built on Cosmos SDK.

LikeCoin is an application-specific blockchain on decentralized publishing built on Cosmos SDK. LikeCoin provides open source products ranging from infrastructure to publishing tools for creators on board to Web3.

We spoke to Phoebe Poon about Likecoin and:
  • Publishing
  • The media
  • Community
  • Social context
  • The decentralization spectrum of online media
  • Web3 projects and tooling
  • Historical preservation
  • Content integrity
  • NFTs and writers
  • Social media
  • Startups
  • Storage
  • Democrats
  • Dinosaur extinctions
  • Motivation

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