Baremetal, Security Configurations and Drama with Clemens from Crypto Crew

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Clemens from Crypto Crew

Clemens explains the journey from an OG Bitcoin Telegram group, to a large and successful valiator. He details the importance of values and how not having VC's helps them keep them on track to persue their vision to propel interchange scalability and adoption, while maintaining their contact with the community.

CryptoCrew Validators serves as a core contributor to various Cosmos chains, including the Persistence and Comdex networks, while maintaining close collaborations with other prominent projects, such as Osmosis Labs, Juno Core, Injective Labs, and Secret Labs, among others. Recently they emerged victorious in the Game of Chains Interchain Security incentivized testnet

We spoke to Clemens Scarpatetti about Crypto Crew and:
  • Mute Button Battles
  • TKMS vs Horcrux
  • Decentralized software
  • Bear market economics.
  • Their vision
  • Appchain Thesis
  • Public goods
  • Community based sovereign companies.
  • Inclusivity
  • Reasons to stop validating a chain.
  • Feedback from the community
  • Value Proposition of the Cosmos Hub
  • Costs of a validator
  • Baremetal
  • Security configurations
  • Horcrux
  • Drama and Governance

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