Citizen Web3

Embracing Decentralization, Empowering Communities. The Voice of Web3 & Non-custodial staking service

About the show

Citizen Web3, as a separate project, was born in 2020, finding foundations in ancap vibes, personal interest in building a better society, community management, ecosystem development and networking. Today, Citizen Web3 is an active member and builder of the web3 galaxy. We live web3. We breathe web3. We provide infrastructure as a validator across the blockchain space, which allows us to work on various public goods projects and develop the space at our own pace.

Our public projects include:

  • Web3-focused podcast, dedicated to the stories of the people that make dreams and code reality
  • validator centrist explorer in the making, to help you to discover validators across the web3 galaxy
  • Web3 Society: a community that helps, learns and resents tribalism. Including various incentives (NA at the moment)
  • Public infrastructure, including validator nodes, public RPC endpoints, testnets. We are currently migrating to bare metal. Our end goal is grid independent infrastructure
  • (NA at the moment) Bazaar: NFTs, Merchandise, Decentraland and co

We believe that blockchains should be viewed as digital nations and by using the tools that we hold, we help to build and bring value to these nations. We help to build those nations by helping to secure them, along with other validators. If we believe that a city can be prosperous, and it meets our values, we start to work around it. In turn, the citizens of the city, read - blockchain users, delegate tokens to Citizen Web3.

Our dream is a decentralized web3 without tribalism, and with better communication between all L0's - AKA - the community, between various ecosystems and across all blockchain space.

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