Citizen Web3

Citizen Web-3 `Podcast-Guests` NFT collection

Citizen Web-3 `Podcast-Guests` NFT collection


We are proud to present the Citizen Cosmos Podcast-Guests NFT collection. The collection is dedicated to our podcast episodes, and gives start to what we refer to as: PROOF OF PODCAST

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Each new podcast episode, Citizen Cosmos will launch a new collection of 9 NFTs. The collection represent Citizen Cosmos and his message of a united web3 to the world. Each series of NFTs will feature Citizen Cosmos, who will be dressed in the colors of our guest and incorporate a unique element of their style. These NFTs are more than just a rare collection of JPGs. Above other use cases, they also come with a very special utility - the distribution of our future governance token.


  • - Staking any tokens to Citizen Cosmos and having one of our NFTs will land you extra bonuses

  • - DAO access

  • - Access to our interactive web3 learnign academy, with token gated access, exclusive content and more

  • - Access to a closed channel on our discord + unique networking

  • - The NFTs will allow purchasing future merch from Citizen Cosmos, physical or metaverse + provide discount to off chain events

  • - The tokens will earn bonuses in Game of Life, ones integrated after game launch

  • - Possible interactions with future NFTs/tokens

Citizen Cosmos Podcast Guest NFT collection


The Citizen Cosmos project was always being built with the intention to become decentralized over time. The first step of that decentralization, the launch of the Citizen Cosmos DAO, will happen just 3 years after our existence - in 2023.

The most difficult question DAOs face, and the one crypto is yet to solve - is distribution. Especially when it comes to governance tokens. The Citizen Cosmos guest NFT tokens are going to represent the right of its holder to obtain the future governance tokens of the Citizen Cosmos DAO.

Consisting of all of our guests, the top builders and inventors of web3, and our most dedicated community members and listeners, which are either selected based on participation and involvement in the project, or acquired manually through the public market.

The initial mint price was 500 STARS (~12 USD at time of writing). The price for minting will increase each colelction. This represents the growth of Citizen Cosmos as a project and the growth of TVL of the Citizen Cosmos validator.


  • - Supply is limited to 9 units per week

  • - 1 NFT gets bought back by Citizen Cosmos each week (if supply unsold)

  • - 1 NFT is airdropped to the guest, to whom the collection is dedicated

  • - Tradable within 2 weeks of launch

  • - Each colelction has an increased minting price