War on Privacy, Baby Boomer and Mitigate Your Risk with Francisco from Monero

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Francisco from Monero

Francisco criticized the "War on Privacy," emphasizing the illusion of surveillance, the risks of wrongful accusations, and the need for risk mitigation, while advocating for the decentralization of the banking industry.

Monero offers swift transaction times and strong privacy features, effectively solving blockchain scaling issues while ensuring untraceable transactions. It is designed to provide secure and private financial interactions, standing out in the cryptocurrency space for its emphasis on anonymity and decentralization.

We spoke to Francisco about Monero and:
  • Visa takes two to three business days to settle a worldwide transaction
  • Monero takes 20 minutes to settle a worldwide transaction
  • Monero has solved the scaling issue in level one blockchains
  • Innocence coin where you totally remove the chance of surveillance
  • Illusion of the surveillance
  • Bitcoin paper is a critical document
  • Baby boomer
  • We don't stick our hands into the till
  • You're going to be accused of a serious crime, or act of terrorism
  • European jurisprudence and the concept of proportionality
  • European Convention on Human Rights
  • War on privacy
  • Governments drank the Kool-Aid
  • Blockchain surveillance industry
  • Technological evolution
  • The banking industry is more decentralized
  • Mitigate your risk
  • Giving alms to the poor is a virtuous act


00:00 – 05:59 : Intro
05:59 -- 09:25 : The story of getting into Web 3
09:55 -- 27:28 : Compliance, big balls, and Monero.
27:28 -- 30:40 : Rebranding
30:40 -- 36:30 : Transactions and bad engineering.
36:30 -- 40:59 : Government and social impact.
40:59 -- 46:30 : Why are people afraid?
46:30 -- 49:37 : Biggest issues that can be faced by Monero.
49:37 -- 52:02 : Cash and barter are a viable alternative for Monero?
52:02 -- 57:41 : Contributing to a project
57:41 – 01:05:40 : The Blitz

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