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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Michael Messele, CEO and co- founder at The Pillar Project.

Pillar aims to be an open-source, community-run wallet that serves as a gateway to DeFi and NFTs. The platform aims to be an all-in-one place for tokens, decentralized applications (dApps), NFTs, and DeFi services for users. Pillar Wallet is powered by Etherspot. Etherspot is a multi-chain #ERC-4337 developer platform that provides solutions for dApps

Our guest Michael Messele has been involved in crypto for over a decade and has witnessed many cycles repeat themselves. Michael started his journey in traditional finance and was converted to web3 by the possibility of data sovereignty. Michael also gives us a superb explaination of the differences between web2 and web3. He also gives us his secret to success with startups and how he feels it is best to manage leadership structures.

00:00 -- 01:29 : Intro
01:29 -- 05:26 : Michael gives a brief description of his journey.
05:56 -- 13:00 : Are we still on track toward a decentralized world?
13:00 -- 19:46 : Michael gives his secrets to success, logevity in the space and leadership.
19:46 -- 25:57 : Trustless systems and levels of trust in organisations.
25:57 -- 28:46 : What made Michael choose Pillar?
28:46 -- 31:47 : Michael gives great defiitions for web1, web2 and web3
31:47 -- 42:36 : Diving into account abstraction and data soverignty
42:36 -- 48:36 : Michael gives his thought on balancing UX design and decentralization at Pillar.
48:36 -- 53:51 : What is stopping adoption of Web3?
53:51 -- 58:37 : The Blitz:
58:37 -- 1:00:04 : Outro

We spoke to Michael Messele about Pillar and:
  • Journeys in the Crypto Space
  • The secret's of successful leadership structures
  • Mass adoption
  • Trustless systems
  • Smart Wallets
  • Account abstraction
  • Empathy in leadership
  • The definition of Web3
  • Banking the unbanked
  • The importance of communication
  • Data sovereignty
  • Principles versus revenue

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