Critical Moments, Taking One Step, and Minimizing the Confusion with Parsa from Meetwithwallet

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Parsa from Meetwithwallet

Parsa is a tech expert and fitness influencer who excels in content creation and traditional weightlifting, emphasizing the importance of privacy and trust in remote work. He advocates for clear, user-friendly processes and incremental progress to improve community interactions and project management.

"Meetwithwallet" is a Web3 scheduling tool that allows users to schedule meetings by connecting their crypto wallets, offering features like token-gated meetings, custom links, and notifications via email and Discord. It supports various blockchain technologies and provides plans for different user needs.

We spoke to Parsa about Meetwithwallet and:
  • Double life as a tech savvy and a fitness influencer
  • Traditional weightlifting and bodybuilding is my go-to move
  • By coaching I learned content writing and content creation
  • Finding the people who have done it before is challenging
  • Physically decentralized but socially re-centralized
  • Currently there is no unified solution
  • Compromising privacy for efficiency
  • People are losing trust
  • Critical moments within a project
  • It's not a good product if it needs a manual
  • Minimizing the confusion
  • Creating better processes for your communities
  • Taking one step at a time
  • Finding the most unexpected answer


00:00 – 03:28 : Intro
03:28 -- 06:30 : Getting into fitness
06:30 -- 10:50 : Assimilating into the community
10:50 -- 12:40 : The end goal
12:40 -- 19:10 : Implementing Web3
19:10 -- 23:30 : Fear of creating privacy
23:30 -- 27:00 : Experience with building in the community
27:00 -- 30:08 : Adoption
30:08 -- 34:44 : Approach to design
34:44 -- 36:30 : Safe and secure for the end user
36:30 – 44:55 : The Blitz

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