Product Market Fit, Grannies and the Future of NFT's with Jose Macedo

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Jose Macedo founding partner at Delphi Ventures and Head of Delphi Labs.

Delphi Labs is Delphi's protocol R&D arm, with a team of 40 dedicated to building new Web 3 primitives. Our vision is to be the best place for the smartest minds to build the most impactful products in crypto.

We spoke to Jose Macedo about Delphilabs and:
  • Product market fit
  • Values in Web3
  • Martial arts
  • Poker as a gateway to Crypto
  • Open-source exploits system testing
  • Importance of bug bounty programs
  • Web3 Security
  • Project funding structures
  • The future of NFT’s
  • Monetary Policy
  • The upside to VC's
  • Granny obsession
  • Mass Adoption

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