Exploring the intersection of Web3 Governance, Bias and Adoption Catalysts with Gregory Markou AKA GregTheGreek

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Gregory Markou, AKA GregTheGreek, ex Eth core dev and co-founder and CPO at ChainSafe a blockchain R&D firm, specializing in protocol engineering, cross-chain interoperability & web3 gaming

On their website ChinSafe claims that their mission is to enable the world's systems to run on decentralized infrastructure.

We spoke to Greg about Chainsafe and:
  • The importance of product development strategy
  • Gaming
  • The importance of self care
  • Visions of the future for the interchain
  • The journey from traditional education to being a founder in Web3
  • Traditional banking's failures as a catalyst for adoption
  • Bias and objectivity in Education
  • Knowing when to hand over the reigns of power
  • What does Web3 mean to Greg and ChainSafe
  • Is there enough product development in blockchain
  • Providing the tools for the next generation of devs
  • What is missing in Web3?
  • How free should the free market be?
  • Goerli ETH and moral quandaries.
  • Challenges for Testnets
  • Opinions on Governance and multisigs

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