Proof of Work, AI & Large Language Models with Edward FitzGerald

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Edward FitzGerald Chief Technology Officer at An “open” collective learning system that enables privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning and inferences on the network is a blockchain platform that uses artificial intelligence to help people automate everyday tasks such as booking a parking space or a flight

We spoke to Edward about Fetch AI and:
  • Journey to the top of corporate
  • AI
  • Distributed systems
  • Full tolerance shenanigans
  • Being a cog in a larger machine
  • The importance of rapid decision making in business
  • The cost of making the wrong decisions
  • The beast that is decentralization
  • Mistakes will happen, but facilitates adaptation.
  • Proof of work as the most elegant solution
  • Actively seeking hard problems
  • Healthy Paranoia
  • Open source vs Closed source
  • The lifecycle of corporations
  • The power of the web3 structure
  • Critical safety systems
  • The difference between and dec ai
  • The advantage of tangible technology
  • Barriers of entry
  • Connectivity of autonomous services
  • Large Language models and new efficiencies
  • Architecture of the Agents
  • The birth of SkyNet
  • Affects of AI on the wider society
  • Hierarchy of abstraction
  • One big model to rule them all

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