Web3 Vibes, Community Building and Infrastructure with Dilan Asatekin

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About this Episode

This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Dilan Asatekin founder at Imperator.co

Dilan delves into a wide range of topics and shows us the people and passion behind the providers of decentraliced infrastructure. Dilan also explains that you don’t choose the Vvlidator Life, the validator life chooses you.

Imperator.co aims to make staking easy.Their website states that they facilitate investors and token holders in securing proof-of-stake networks through non-custodial staking.

We spoke to Dilan Asatekin about Imperator and:
  • Why Web3
  • Mission goals
  • The power of luck
  • Betting on education
  • Importance of open source
  • Defining red flags
  • Decentralisation
  • Infrastructure
  • The secrets of community building
  • Web3 vibes
  • Chain selection criteria
  • Challenges of a fully remote team
  • Putting people into the light

* Why you would choose to be a validator

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