The New Web, Wrong Funding and Product Market Fit with Chris Castig

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Chris Castig, author of The Decentralized Generation: Seven lessons for staying digitally literate in a Web3 era and Co- Founder of, an open source web3 crypto chat built with Ethereum.

According to their website, access to Console comes with a suite of tools to grow your community, empower your most dedicated members, co-own assets, create events, docs, roles, token-gated channels and more.

We spoke to Chris Castig about Console, and:
  • The definition of a bad or malicious bot
  • Should bots or will bots have a measure of personal rights in the future?
  • How Craig plans to remove bad bots from the space
  • Humans can also be bots
  • The dangers of taking too much or the wrong funding
  • Working too long without a customer
  • The Golden Billion and how their wants are overrepresented
  • Onboarding new users
  • Product Market Fit
  • Education
  • Digital Identity
  • Motivation

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