DAOs, the Beauty of Blockchain and the Journey of a Validator with Brian Crain


1 December 2022

47 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Brian Crain – co-founder of Chorus One, which provides staking solutions on over 30 decentralized networks and builds core infrastructure for blockchain protocols.

Chorus One also brings to their stakers such services as Whitelabel staking and Liquid staking.

We spoke to Brian Crain about Chorus One and:
  • Brian's path
  • The story behind Chorus One
  • The beauty of blockchain
  • Chorus One's contribution to the building of the freer world
  • Urbit
  • How can we improve the current state of affairs in blockchain?
  • DAO's
  • DeFi
  • Freedom vs. safety
  • Crypto vs. cash
  • Tendermint experience
  • Validation journey: expectation vs. reality
  • Atom 2.0

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