Validator Tools and the Importance of Anonymity with the Bros

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features the Bros from Bro_n_Bro.

The Bro's from Bro_n_Bro had a wonderful conversation with #citizenweb3. They brought all the energy and with that, they discussed and covered a host of serious topics that form the foundation of what Web3 should be.

Bro_n_Bro's mission is simple: to support and develop a decentralized world. They strive to maintain the highest standards for security and performance as well as providing the most accurate data to our community. They will keep building for decentralization until it comes.

We spoke to The Bros about Bro_n_Bro and:
  • Building for decentralization
  • Validator tools
  • The importance of ease of use for adoption
  • Defining Network Health
  • A reality check for the Web3
  • Providing real values to the builders of the blockchain
  • Analytics and information
  • Should Cex validators exist
  • Foundation governance
  • Climbing the validator ranks
  • Anonymity
  • Weaknesses of Cloud hosting
  • How best to organise validators
  • Unseen contributions of OG Validators
  • Bridges
  • Challenges of helping a small validator grow
  • Cloud vs Bare Metal
  • Hertsinger driving validators to bare metal
  • The need for decentralized infra

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