DNA, funding and tattoo machines with Billy Rennekamp

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Billy Rennekamp, the grants manager at Interchain Foundation and the founder of Clovers Network. In this episode we discuss ICF’s functions as a vehicle and its role for the greater Cosmos ecosystem. The DLT project we chat about is Clovers Network. We also talk about citizenship in the (not so) distant future, tattoo machines and blockchain DNA.

Interchain Foundation is pushing boundaries on distributed networks and organizations. It's mission is to research, develop, and promote open, decentralized, network technologies like Cosmos, that provide greater sovereignty, security, and sustainability to the world’s communities. With the task to participate in research, development, product, community and social good initiatives which align with the vision and mandate, as well as providing funding towards these projects. Their particular interest is the Cosmos Project, which is unique in its maturity, modularity, and the sovereignty it provides to respective networks.

We spoke to Billy Rennekamp about Clovers Network and:
  • ICF as an investment vehicle
  • The role of ICF for the greater Cosmos ecosystem
  • Clovers Network
  • Citizenship in the (not so) distant future
  • Tattoo machines
  • Blockchain DNA

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