Censorship Resistance, Adoption and Storage with Benjamin

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Benjamin Co-Founder of Permacast, Arweave news and Decent Land.

Permacast Allows Podcasts to Upload and host their episodes for a one time fee that according to their website will be stored on chain for at least 200 years

Permaweb News is a Community-driven news organization covering Arweave and web3 in general

Decent land is a set of web3 social protocols for identity, DAO governance and social networking built on Arweave

We spoke to Benjamin about [Permacast, Decent land and:
  • Benjamin's Journey to Web3
  • The importance of developing DAO tooling.
  • Agnostic chains?
  • The current state of Web2 & Web3.
  • Web2 incentivization
  • Should decentralization be the end of everything?
  • Decentralized front-ends
  • Permacast and how it works.
  • Why Arweave and not IPFS?
  • Storage permanency.
  • Interoperability and composability.

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