Social issues, DAOs and America with ChainSafe & Aragon One

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This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Jorge, CEO of Aragon One & with Aidan and Colin from ChainSafe.  We discussed the future Aragon Chain on Cosmos, talked about the main concerns for Aragon DAOs, the social issues that may arise from managing communities on multiple chains for one project, American-centric infrastructure and whether it’s possible or not to create a DAO without a jurisdiction.

Aragon One is a Swiss company formed by the founders of the Aragon project, building tools and services related to Aragon. The company is funded primarily through grants given by the Aragon Association, the non-profit steward of the Aragon project.

Aragon gives internet communities unprecedented power to organize around shared values and resources by providing DAO tools.

ChainSafe is a global leader in blockchain protocol and infrastructure development. With a team of software engineers with diverse technical backgrounds and skill sets. That allowed to collaborate and push the limits of nascent technology.

We spoke to Jorge about Chainsafe and:
  • Concerns for Aragon DAOs
  • The social issues that may arise from managing multiple communities
  • American-centric infrastructure
  • DAO without a jurisdiction

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