Smart contracts, JavaScript and information sources with Dean Tribble


7 April 2021

50 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

This episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features Dean Tribble, the CEO at Agoric, a secure smart contract platform built with the help of Tendermint & Cosmos-SDK.

Agoric are a smart contracts platform (transfers of rights enforced in code). Agoric uses an object-capability (ocap) security architecture, in which access to a programming object itself is the authority to use the object. This approach has been used successfully to create secure operating systems, and to control untrusted scripts in Google’s Caja project and Salesforce’s Locker Service. Agoric is developing a secure distributed ocap platform for smart contracts and market-oriented programming. It supports the development of smart contracts and market institutions across many scales, from large public blockchains to small two-party contracts.

We spoke to Dean Tribble about Agoric and:
  • What is Agoric
  • How Agoric is different from CosmWasm
  • The team behind Agoric and their experience
  • The use of Tendermint and Cosmos in Agoric
  • The Cosmos community and its role in the development process
  • What is SCS for JavaScript and what is Jessie
  • Open Source VS proprietary software
  • The key ceremony of Z-cash
  • Oracles and decentralized OS
  • Can decentralization help to reduce vulnerability of human mistakes
  • Top information sources according to Dean

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