Interchain ETH special: open-source, mass adoption, DAO's & web3


16 December 2021

47 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

This interchain special episode of the #citizenweb3 podcast features 4 projects: Trading Strategy, Gnosis, Radicle & Gitcoin, in 4 short interviews during Liscon 2021.

Trading Atrategy is an algorithmic trading protocol for decentralized markets. It is a decentralized protocol for the next generation quantitative finance. Decentralized automated trading strategies allow investing with more profit and lower risk, as investors get direct access to high quality investing strategies and real-time control over their assets.

Gnosis builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance. Our three interoperable product lines allow you to securely create, trade, and hold digital assets on Ethereum.

Radicle adopts the Scuttlebutt social overlay paradigm by establishing a peer-to-peer replication layer on top of distributed version control systems, starting with git. User accounts and login is replaced by public key cryptography, hosted issue trackers are replaced by local peer replication, and the idea of a single canonical upstream is replaced by a patch-based peer-to-peer or "bazaar" model.

Gitocin is a platform where you get paid to work on open source software in Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design, and more. Gitcoin is the community of builders, creators, and protocols at the center of open web ecosystems.

We spoke to Mikko, Richard, Lucas, Abbey and Kevin about web3 and:
  • Crypto Twitter
  • Communication
  • Open source tech
  • Centralization and decentralization
  • Hedge funds and greed
  • Efficiency and mass adoption
  • Product market fit
  • DAO's and tools for the people
  • Software and control
  • Ordinary citizens and the blockchain

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